Feb 9, 2013

Set Building for Kara

Susanna here. I just returned from the south of Germany where i worked as set building supervisor for Sinem Sakaoglu's Trailer for her upcoming stop motion feature film 'Kara'. I thought I'd share some pics of the nice sets we built. Altogether we were 4 modelmakers: Nina Milarch, Pablo Pinkus, Jörg Steegmüller and myself. We worked in Jörg's spacious workshop in Ruit near Stuttgart and built 4 large sets in about 2 months. You can imagine it was quite a ride, but good fun too. The sets were designed by Anne Hofmann. As I am not quite sure how many pics I am allowed to show... I guess its best to check out the production blog here.  I will post more pics soon.

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