Feb 25, 2012

cyclops alphabet

I enjoyed painting the little cyclopses so much, that I started doing a full alphabet...

Dirk and his girlfriend Vera made a riversuit today which is 6 metres long. Now they can go dressed as a river everywhere!

Feb 24, 2012

Exquisite Cyclops

At our studio we have an ongoing puppet making jam, inspired by the exquisite corpse (or cadavre exquis) game. Instead of drawings on paper we do them in 3d starting with the feet. None of the participants can see what the others have done before the complete puppet is finally revealed. So far we have opened three and there are several more waiting to come out of their boxes once they're done.

Created by (from bottom to top): Fufu Frauenwahl, Annika Schindler, Susanna Jerger, Anne Breymann

Created by (from bottom to top): Anne Breymann, Susanna Jerger, Annika Schindler, Julian Ohm

Created by (from bottom to top):  Caroline Hamann, Kirill Abdrakhmanov, Julian Ohm, Susanna Jerger

Beware for monsters under your bed!

I have a ghost in my apartment...
I'm not scared though...he's rather fat and slow.